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Main Course Gourmet Meal

About Us

Quality Cuisine & Impeccable Service

We’re a team of chefs and restaurant innovators who had a dream: we wanted to create a catering company that would satisfy even the most demanding foodies. Since its inception, we’ve delighted our customers with delicious, innovative food. We pride ourselves on pleasing the most diverse and picky palates on a budget, and our customers keep coming back for more.

Whether you’re too busy to cook, want to throw a dinner party or the event of the century, we’ll make food that looks and tastes amazing. Find out how we can cater the meal or event of your dreams.

Meet Our Team

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Sammir S Gogia


He wears his many hats with passion and perfection. Stumbling into the family food business almost by default, Sammir discovered he had a great passion for food and hospitality – and vaulted the company to a whole new level.

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Sachin Gogia

Executive Director

 Immensely creative and talented with an eye for detailing that no one can match. While the business has grown multiple folds from when it started out three generations ago, he has  not forgotten the essence of why it all started – our love for food and people. 

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Pooja Gogia

Executive Director

Food for her is more than just a passion. She has learnt that when it comes to running a long lasting business, the key to success is adaptation. She is a driving force behind furthering the Shakkr Brand and dessert gifting business.

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